Fifty Fifty enters Billboard's yearHeritage expert You Hong[Today’s K[KH Explains] Why Apple's iPhone15 is selling better in Korea than China, Japan[From the Scene] Incheon Airport goes global to Batam, IndonesiaDunamu CEO set for third termSeoul shares open higher on US gains amid rate woes한동훈 “나는 스타장관 아니다, 여당 아닌 야당이 날 띄우는 것"Fifty Fifty enters Billboard's yearDreamcatcher returns as 'villains' with special power N. Korea threatens to strike US aircraft carrier S. Korea joins ICRC's major donor group for 1st time 공군 수송기 급파, 한·일 220명 텔아비브 탈출 北, 러 주최 국제포럼서 '국제수송' 논의…무기거래 우회로 찾나 HMM sale to face hurdles amid slowdown in shipping industry LG Innotek wins patents for EV charging technology Blackpink's Jennie makes solo debut on Official UK Singles Chart Seoul defense exhibition aims to boost arms exports N. Korea slams Japan's plan to move up US missile purchase as 'arrogant choice' Choo calls for end to protectionism, supply chain recovery during G20 meeting 이용, 지도부 때린 서병수·홍문표에 "선당후사·솔선수범 하라" Pyongyang denies allegations of Hamas using North Korean weapons TXT shatters records, tops charts with 3rd LP [Coffee Klatch] Take a sip of Turkish coffee in Seoul HD Korea Shipbuilding to build world's first ammonia [KH Explains] Amazon's cloud industry plans raise fears of Korean market monopoly [이번 주 리뷰] 중동 전쟁 우려…국민의힘 보선 참패(9~14일) Seoul to implement alert system to manage overcrowded areas Andong, serene destination for immersing in traditions BTS' V joined by Jimin in solo fan meeting 'Vicnic'