[Herald Interview] Merck seeks growth with Korean chipmakersSupreme Court acquits exJungkook, Red Velvet, Stray Kids, new YG girl group among yearIsraeli military jets strike Gaza, says Hamas commander killed인재영입위원장에 이철규 내정…김웅 "윤심만 영입하겠단 것"[Herald Interview] Merck seeks growth with Korean chipmakers인재영입위원장에 이철규 내정…김웅 "윤심만 영입하겠단 것"KG Mobility, BYD bolster ties on EV batteries, hybridsIndonesia’s upcycling startup wins KoreaThe branch of South Korean left blaming Israel for Hamas attacks [Herald Interview] Indonesia's Aladin Bank CEO eyes digital banking partnerships with Korea 대통령실 “UAE 대통령 방한 순연”…이스라엘·하마스 충돌 영향 S. Korea has 'no urgency' to cut key lending rate soon: IMF director 'Basel Night' at Swiss Embassy in Seoul heralds Basel's cultural legacy 혼전임신 직원에 "애비없는 애"…갑질 서기관 감싼 복지부 논란 [Herald Interview] Dyson engineer stresses potential of Korean hair care market S. Korea may decide to increase medical student quota as early as next week Conflict between Fifty Fifty and agency Attrakt continues to escalate [Today’s K Dansaekhwa master Park Seo [Exclusive] 'Game of Thrones' publisher inks deal for Korean books for first time 尹지지율 긍정 33%·부정 58%…"명절 기간 물가 등 경제난 체감" South Korean oil payments for Iran frozen again over Hamas links Striving to be the best, TXT returns with 3rd LP S Korea, UAE to hold aviation talks over potential increase in bilateral flights 尹 보선 첫 반응 "선거 결과서 교훈 찾아, 지혜롭게 변화를" Chinese avant 28th BIFF comes to an end Kia to expand EV lineup with mass market appeal P&G Korea launches premium diaper to combat skin dryness